As a Calgary-based consultant I am passionate about helping people achieve greatness in their health and have been coaching human beings since 1989.  I think of myself as an agent of change. I would like to help you set your sights and plan for your active, healthy future.  Your health and fitness is my primary focus. Make living splendidly, yours.


To Live Splendidly one reaps the benefits of a balanced daily routine of exercise, good nutrition and achieving adequate sleep. Choosing realistic and challenging goals will lead you to success in every way.  Join me as we work on these together.

Making Changes

Making change to your exercise routine, dietary habits or stepping outside your comfort zone requires effort and it’s that effort that keeps us from moving forward.  Being forced to make changes won’t work. One needs to be motivated to make those changes. If you’re ready, then let me help you.

Who Am I?

I am a certified exercise physiologist, IOC credentialed sport nutritionist, lifestyle coach and self-proclaimed mid-packer in running and triathlon. My interests include a wide variety of activities.  I enjoy the idea that we have many interests and can focus on different things at different times in our lives. If your focus is to improve your health, get fitter, train for something specific or for life in general, improve your nutrition or optimize it for your sport – then you have come to the right place. Read more »

Need Coaching?
Need Coaching?
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